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Categories Brand:Eagle Pair

Categories Name:EP-2

Categories :Laser Safety Eyewear

Specification :190-380 & 600-760nm



-      Designed for Universities, Cosmeticians, Doctors, Industrial etc.

-      Suitable for 190-380 & 600-760nm wavelength, see OD vs. Wavelength Curve below

-      Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 40%

-      Have clear view without flickering

-      Made of Hardened Polycarbonate, unbreakable

-      CE Marked, GJB1762-93, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards

-      High attenuation rate

-      More design of frames available as following



                 EP-2Frame1                   EP-2Frame2

                     Frame 1- also available in Black                                               Frame 2



                 EP2-6                   EP-2-10

                                       Frame 6                                                                     Frame 10



                            EP-2 Report


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