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IPL Speed Shutter

 IPL Speed Shutter


Whilst an IPL treatment, the power density of the IPL is even stronger than electric welding arc light. As intermittent intense pulsed light, the intensity is ten thousand times more than human eyes can bear. Traditional IPL safety glasses allow about 10% transmission of visible light for observation, the protection against the pulsed light have been significantly weakened. IPL Speed Shutter glasses adopt latest technology that detects light intensity and dimming the filter immediately when the pulsed light flashes. With latest microcomputer chip processing technology, IPL Speed Shutter filter responds immediately to the flash and provides effective protection in time. It acts like a shutter in the camera, blocks nearly all of the flash. The response time is less than a millisecond, glare reduction rate reaches T = 0.01%, the lens will return to a clear visible lens once the flash is finished. IPL Speed Shutter also comes with permanent UV and IR protection which provide a full protection for users.


IPL Speed Shutter is compliant with EN166 and EN379, and obtained CE marked as well. It provides more reliable protection for operators and becomes the optimal necessity in IPL treatment,

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